Reviewing Process

Reviewing Process of the Journal of New Theory

  1. Corresponding Author should send PDF file of the manuscripts with the Submission Form directly to Editor-in-Chief by e-mail:
  2. Editor-in-Chief may make a quick assessment on suitability and viability of the paper for Journal of New Theory. Papers can be rejected or returned for revision to the authors at this stage without full formal review. For formal reviewing, the Editor-in-Chief forwards the paper to an Area Editor.
  3. Area Editor forwards the paper to referees for formal reviewing. Correspondence with the authors regarding revisions is typically done by the Editor.
  4. Reviewers look for: clarity of expression and readability, implications and applications and conformance to editorial objectives. All papers are expected to meet standards of academic excellence. The reviewers send their decision by e-mail to the Area Editor with the Manuscript Review Form.
  5. Area Editor, based on the reviewers’ recommendations, decides whether the manuscript should be accepted as it is, revised or rejected. The Editor reserves the right to reject a paper at this stage or to ask for substantial revision. After finishing the reviewing process, the Editor sends the final decision the Editor-in-Chief with the Area Editor Decision Form.
  6. Editor-in-Chief, according to the Area Editor’s decision, decides accept or reject the paper. The authors will timely receive written notification of acceptance, remarks, comments and evaluation of their articles via email, using the declared address. The Editor-in-Chief is copied on all correspondence.
  7. Corresponding Author should prepare final versions of accepted manuscripts according to the Manuscript Preparation Rules. Preparation may be very easy by using Article Template (Microsoft Word.DOC) or Article Template (LaTeX).
  8. Corresponding Author should fill and sign the Copyright Transfer Form and send both Copyright Transfer Form and LaTeX (tex) or MS Word (doc/docx) file of final version of their paper directly to the Editors-in-Chief by e-mail:
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