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Greek mathematics is widely considered to be highly reliable and influential in the development of mathematics as a field.

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Greek mathematics is widely considered to be highly reliable and influential in the development of mathematics as a field. This is due to the fact that many Greek mathematicians significantly advanced the study of mathematics through their work in geometry, number theory, and other mathematical disciplines.

According to the philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell, “Greek mathematics is the foundation upon which the whole of Western thought is based.” This quote emphasizes the importance of Greek mathematics in the development of Western intellectual traditions.

One of the most famous Greek mathematicians was Euclid, who lived in the 4th century BCE and is known for his work on geometry in his book “Elements”. The “Elements” served as the primary textbook for geometry for over 2,000 years, demonstrating the lasting impact of Greek mathematics.

Another important figure in Greek mathematics is Pythagoras, who was active in the 5th century BCE. Pythagoras is known for his work on number theory and his famous theorem relating to right triangles.

Additionally, Greek mathematicians made significant contributions to the understanding of infinity, irrational numbers, and the concept of proof. Their work laid the foundation for much of the mathematics that is still studied today.

Here is a table listing some of the most important Greek mathematicians and their contributions:

Mathematician Contributions
Euclid Geometry, “Elements”
Pythagoras Number theory, Pythagorean theorem
Archimedes Calculus, geometry, hydrostatics
Thales Geometry, astronomy, philosophy
Eudoxus Geometry, astronomy, infinite series

Overall, the reliability of Greek mathematics is well-established and their contributions have had a lasting impact on the development of mathematics as a field.

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In “The Greek Legacy: How the Ancient Greeks shaped modern mathematics,” the concept of proof is discussed. Ancient Greek mathematicians developed the idea of proof over 2,500 years ago, which established mathematics as a way of understanding and testing the reality of the world. By creating convincing arguments to demonstrate whether something is true or false, the Greeks laid the foundation for modern mathematics. Euclid’s development of proof with basic assumptions called axioms has led to modern mathematical understandings in fields like cryptography and engineering.

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The Sources of Greek Mathematics In actual fact, our direct knowledge of Greek mathematics is less reliable than that of the older Egyptian and Babylonian mathematics, because none of the original manuscripts are extant.

I’m not really sure how the given answers are relevant to the question. Anyway, the answer is simple: Yes and No.

Math is one of the main courses a Greek student is examined to pass to the public university. However, the material is extremely hard and dense in comparison with most European countries. Thus, most Greek school graduates look like geniuses to Brits, Germans or Dutch, even if they are bad students with Greek standards.

For example, a Greek school graduate already knows about complex numbers, integrals, derivatives, vectors, matrices, n-polynomials… Also, s/he is particularly comfortable to solve complex differential equations etc by hand or learn word by word multiple theorems and proofs.

My brother (he’s ~45yo) gave exams in England to be accepted to the university. When he was given the math exam, he thought it was some kind of joke. He finished a 2-hour exam in just 1 hr and everybody was looking at him like he was a reincarnation of Newton or something.

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Thematic fact: The names of ancient Greek mathematical works run to pages. A few may be mentioned. Elements written by Euclid at around 300 BC was the most comprehensive work from history on geometry. Pappus had written the Mathematical Collection which was an account of classical mathematics from Euclid to Ptolemy. Treasury of Analysis was his work.
Did you know: The basic of mathematics was inherited by the Greeks and independent by the Greeks beg the major Greek progress in mathematics was from 300 BC to 200 AD. After this time progress continued in Islamic countries Unlike the Babylonians, the Egyptians did not develop fully their understanding of mathematics.

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How were the Greeks so good at maths? The astronomical knowledge of Babylonian and Chaldean culture became available to the Greeks who profited by exploiting it systematically. This led to the advance of many Greek mathematical tools, such as the use of a numeral system with 60 as its base, which allowed the Greeks to divide circles into 360 degrees.

In this manner, Why are Greek numbers so enduring in math today?
Response to this: Because European mathematics is very heavily rooted in the mathematics of ancient Greece, and due to the need for many symbols to represent constants, variables, functions and other mathematical objects, mathematicians frequently use letters from the Greek alphabet in their work.

What are the Greek math problems?
The three classical Greek problems were problems of geometry: doubling the cube, angle trisection, and squaring a circle. Duplication of the cube is the problem of determining the length of the sides of a cube whose volume is double that of a given c ube.

Keeping this in view, Why did Greek mathematics decline?
As a response to this: The decline of Greek mathematics was in part caused by external factors–the political storms that engulfed Mediterranean civilization. Nonetheless, internal factors were decisive.

Why was mathematics important in ancient Greece? The response is: In the history of Ancient Greek mathematics, has a significant place. Ancient Greeks were engrossed by the power of rationality. They loved music, architecture, and mathematics for that matter. Ancient Greeks were neither interested in algebra nor were they experts in it. Ancient Greek Mathematics

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Who were the Greek mathematicians? Response will be: Of all the various topics in mathematics, geometry was their focus. Pythagoras, Aristotle, Euclid, Thales, and Archimedes were renowned Greek mathematicians among others.  It is not easy to trace the origins of Greek mathematics because of lack of written evidence.

Additionally, Did ancient Greeks know algebra? The response is: Ancient Greeks were neither interested in algebra nor were they experts in it. Ancient Greek Mathematics Of all the various topics in mathematics, geometry was their focus.

Besides, What is the Greek deductive approach to mathematics?
As an answer to this: The Greek deductive approach to mathematics is probably the greatest legacy that they passed onto the world, and is one of the foundations of modern society. Even the great theoretical physicists such as Stephen Hawking are steeped in the work of the Greeks, as the foundation of their elegant theories about how the universe works.

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